Bill Maher Announces ‘Crummy, Corrupt’ Rep. He’s Targeting for Midterms

Bill Maher ended his live D.C. show tonight by announcing the winner of his “Flip a District” campaign: Republican Congressman John Kline.

For months, Maher has been going down a list of potential Republicans to target for this November’s midterms with the goal of “flipping” their district to the other party. He went through a few dozen choices before settling on Kline.

Maher will be traveling to Kline’s district to do stand-up, and he explained why this congressman––whom you probably never heard of––is his big target: because he’s “the living embodiment of legislation for hire.” He called Kline a “silent threat” who doesn’t say “kooky things” but votes with the people who do.

Maher said hopefully, this can serve as a symbol for the “crummy, corrupt representation” America has nowadays.

Watch the video below, via HBO:

[image via screengrab]

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