Bill Maher Blasts Democrats for Soft Russia Probe Rhetoric: ‘Don Jr.’s a Traitor Already!’

Bill Maher took on the Democratic Party for not being tough enough on President Donald Trump and in particular with the ongoing Russia investigation.

“Some Democrats are now saying that the Russia story does not test well for them,” Maher said unhappily. “This to me is the problem the Democrats have… they chase polls. Republicans don’t do that. Republicans change polls.”

Then Maher got fired up.

“Russia doesn’t test well? Make it test well!” he said. “Because it’s not over. It’s an ongoing story. I don’t even know why we need Bob Mueller. Donald Trump Jr. took a meeting after he got an email from the Russians saying ‘We’ve got dirt! Let’s work together on this election!'”

He then accused Democrats of caring that it doesn’t hold up in the court of law while Republicans care about the “court of public opinion.”

“How about ‘Don. Jr.’s a traitor already!'” he exclaimed.

The Real Time host continued his rant.

“They sent him this email, if you don’t remember, that said ‘We have dirt on Hillary Clinton‘ and he sent back ‘I love it!’ That’s the crime already!” he elaborated. “If you sent me an email saying that ‘I have child porn’ and I wrote back  ‘I love it! I’d love to see what you have!’ that’s the crime!”

Watch the clip above, via HBO.

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