Bill Maher Blisters Fox News: If You Guys are Going to Live in US, ‘Learn the F*cking Language’

HBO’s Bill Maher skewered Fox News during his latest show, poking fun of their recent gaffes, including their unfortunate chyron error reading “three Mexican countries.”

“The mean attitude on Fox & Friends,” he began. “They called, I think we have the picture…. Central America ‘Mexican countries.”

He then added that a couple of weeks ago, Fox News screwed up the word “selfie” and even “misspelled spelling bee” at one point.

Then speaking directly to Fox News, Maher said this: “You know what, if you guys are going to live in the United States, learn the fucking language, okay?”

Fox News, by the way, did issue an apology for the three Mexican countries banner.

“We apologize for the error — it never should’ve happened,” co-host Ed Henry said after the three Mexican countries goof went viral.

Watch above, via HBO

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