Bill Maher Calls Out Joe Walsh for Similarities to Trump on Policy, Rhetoric: You Led ‘Anti-Obama Nutcase Caucus’


Bill Maher ripped former Congressman and notional Republican presidential candidate Joe Walsh for all the many similarities — in both far right policy positions and toxic rhetoric — that he shares with his potential 2020 rival, President Donald Trump.

Peeling back Walsh’s newfound distrust and distaste for Trump, Maher ran through a damning list of Trump’s policy actions so far as president, almost all of which Walsh approved. Likewise, Maher trotted out several of Walsh’s bigoted, extremist statements, to highlight the hypocrisy of a candidate who now complains of a “weak, feckless Republican Party” and “people like me who let our rhetoric get ahead of us.”

“But Joe, you were a leader of the anti-Obama nutcase caucus,” Maher pointed out, which Walsh readily acceded.

“It’s not about issues,” Walsh countered. “Trump is a horrible human being.”

“Again, if you were to beat him, and be the president, there’s a lot of things on this list [of policies], they would not like,” Maher said, gesturing at the audience that had just been cheering Walsh moments earlier.

Maher went on to directly challenge Walsh on racism, implying there was little difference between his past smears and those of the president’s. Trump, of course, infamously touted the racist Birther conspiracy theory right up until the final three months of the 2016 campaign.

“Just look me in the eye and tell me that the seething, frothing hatred that I remember that you had for [President] Barack Obama had nothing to do with the fact that he was black,” Maher said.

“Gosh, no,” replied Walsh, who last week apologized for a 2016 tweet where he falsely claimed Obama was Muslim.

After a sidelong glance at his panel, a clearly skeptical Maher shot back: “Nothing to do with that?”

“No — his policies,” Walsh insisted. “Often times. people like myself, we went to Washington, the Tea Party, to do something about the debt.” In fact, numerous studies have found that racism and racial animosity were the prime, motivating factors of the Tea Party movement.

“What did you do” about the debt, challenged Maher. “That didn’t really work. That was not a success. You failed at that like I failed at political correctness. It just got worse.”

Watch the video above, via HBO.

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