Bill Maher: America Needs “A Class War”


Bill Maher was his usual understated self on Real Time tonight, urging everyday Americans to begin “a class war” on Wall Street. And he illustrated the need for such a fight by drawing a comparison to the backlash received by one Charlie Sheen after his disastrous show in Detroit. And as much as we groaned initially about having to hear Sheen’s name again, we’ll admit Maher got in some good lines.

Here was the common ground Maher found between what Sheen’s Detroit audience said, and what America as a whole should say: “This is bullshit, and I want my money back.” And after a mini-digression into the idiocy of paying to go see Sheen, Maher circled back around to the class topic:

“And if you think a guy living large, and rubbing your nose in it that you’re not, is funny, here’s one you’ll really love: you have to pay your taxes next week, and General Electric doesn’t.”

Taking the Sheen analogy a step further, Maher suggested, “I’ve already got your money, dude” as a slogan for the U.S. economy, demonstrating how it might apply to credit card companies and “too big to fail” bailout money recipients. And we won’t spoil Maher’s last line, but we’ll say that porn stars and Red Lobster are both involved somehow. Video of a pretty strong effort from Maher – again, making Charlie Sheen a worthy topic of discussion is no easy task at this point – below, via HBO.

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