Bill Maher Confronts Maddow over MSNBC’s Christie Hysteria: ‘It’s Not Watergate!’

Bill Maher confronted Rachel Maddow on his show Friday night about MSNBC’s obsession with BridgeGate, following up on his blog post last week calling it MSNBC’s Benghazi, telling Maddow it’s just too much now and really needs to stop being a “top story” on almost every single show on the network.

Maddow responded, “I am totally obsessed with the Christie story, unapologetically.” She pointed to the gleeful, fun way she covered the Rod Blagojevich scandal, but Maher shot back that it wasn’t covered with nearly the same kind of fervor that BridgeGate has. Maher acknowledged that it’s not the same thing as Benghazi, but the scandal has become MSNBC’s Benghazi. He said, “It’s not Watergate! He’s not the president!”

Maddow said, “When there are gonzo political corruption stories, you cover them.” National Review writer Charles C.W. Cooke argued MSNBC is “trying to get rid of Chris Christie from the race” as a chance to take out “one of the most popular Republicans” in the country, which Maddow just laughed off as a “mwa ha ha” conspiracy theory.

She insisted “it’s an ongoing story worth covering,” but Maher said it needs to stop being a top story over a month after people stopped caring.

Watch the video below, via HBO:

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