Bill Maher Counters Birthers By Creating Mitt Romney ‘Wifer’ Controversy

Bill Maher had some fun tearing into birthers on his show tonight by turning the tables and ginning up irresponsible, rampant speculation about Mitt Romney‘s marital history. Sure, Romney says that he’s a monogamist, but Maher provided “proof” that the Republican candidate has not been so quick to abandon his Mormon roots and has secretly taken on multiple wives. Maher thereby officially launched the “wifer” movement.

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Maher brought out the bit for some light comedy in the middle of the show, and used it to make a point about the media coverage of birthers. Maher played the innocent journalist who professed not to be a “wifer,” just someone asking the tough questions about Romney’s background. He said that Romney may or may not have multiple wives, but he clearly has “the blood of a nomadic polygamist tribesman and I think that has shaped his worldview.”

He then revealed Romney’s marriage license, which he necessarily had to point out was only the “short-form license.” Why, for example, is the singular word “SPOUSE” typed above his wife’s name instead of “ONLY SPOUSE?” Maher ran down a whole list of conspiracies saying that the “wifer” speculation may be right after all, but all he’s doing is just asking questions.

Watch the video below, courtesy of HBO:

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