Bill Maher Goes Off On Superhero Movies, Blames Them for the Election of the ‘Orange Sphincter’

AARP-eligible cynic Bill Maher spent a few minutes on the latest episode of Real Time to share his opinions on superhero movies.

Spoilers: he’s not much of a fan.

The 61-year-old cultural critic with his fingers on the pulse of, well, his pulse, dedicated an entire New Rule to slamming the genre–which he claimed has given Americans unrealistic expectations about how to find solutions to political issues.

From Maher said, “The problem is that superhero movies imprint this mindset that we are not masters of our own destiny.”

He then went on to blame that mindset for Trump’s ascendancy to the presidency (becoming the “Orange Sphincter”) before ending the segment by proclaiming that Americans should be their own superheroes.

Watch above, via HBO.

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