Bill Maher: GOP Opposes Morning-After Pill Because It Removes God’s ‘Punishments For Sluts Who Put Out’

Bill Maher ended his show tonight calling out Republicans for claiming to be so pro-life but opposing preventative measures like Plan B and the HPV vaccine. Maher said that in the world of Christian conservatives, preventing things like pregnancy and HPV through such means “remove[s] God’s natural intended punishments for sluts who put out.”

Maher said that the GOP isn’t necessarily waging a war on all women, just “women having sex that doesn’t end with a baby popping out.” They like sex for “procreation, not recreation,” and Maher said the only reason they cry foul about “parental rights” with HPV vaccines but not others is because “you don’t get those diseases from screwing or yodeling in the canyon.”

Maher mocked the idea that as soon as young girls get the HPV vaccine, they’ll immediately start having sex, much in the same way he “couldn’t wait to jab rusty nails into my feet” after getting his tetanus shot. He declared that when teenagers will have sex no matter what, denying them things like the HPV vaccine “is like not giving them an umbrella so it won’t rain!”

Maher could only conclude that Republicans don’t really care about preventing abortion, “you and your invisible friend just don’t like people having sex.”

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