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Bill Maher Helps Larry King Say Goodbye

After Larry King announced this evening that he would be stepping down from the 9 PM spot, it was pretty much a given that tonight was going to be special. To help him begin what will likely be an entire summer of goodbyes, King had Bill Maher on the show to help him explain his decision to step down.

After repeating his personal statement to his TV audience, King introduced Maher as an “old friend” who he invited on in light of his decision to retire. After a joke about his stepping in to replace him, King admitted that “this was tough, Bill. It was time, I was ready to do it. CNN folks agreed to it. We sat down, I’ll do specials, more time with the family. And I want to expand– I want to do other things I haven’t been able to do.”

It was interesting to see Maher’s reaction to King, which seemed to have brought out the softer side of his humor. He tells King that, weird at is may seem given the length of King’s career, he feels “it is too soon” and frets, “I hope you’re doing this of your own volition, and not because of what the media says.” King confirms that, no, there was no pressure from CNN, and that the 25th Anniversary week featuring, among others, Lady Gaga, LeBron James, and Barack Obama made him consider retirement.

Video from tonight’s Larry King Live below:

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