Bill Maher: How Did Lara Logan Get Sucked Into Benghazi ‘Right-Wing Fantasy Machine’?

Spurred on by the botched 60 Minutes Benghazi report, Bill Maher asked Friday night exactly the Republicans were looking for in their dogged witch hunt of the attack on the American compound in Libya last year. He and Ezra Klein clashed with Mattie Duppler and Reihan Salam over the actual point of the investigation, as well as the lack of apology for all the people who touted the 60 Minutes report as fact.

Maher wondered how a good reporter like Lara Logan got “sucked into the right-wing fantasy machine” with the minimally credible report, and asked why all the Republicans and Fox Newsers who touted this report as the definitive proof Fox was right all along aren’t coming out and apologizing.

Duppler argued the entire blame here is on 60 Minutes. Salam, however, conceded that the GOP was itching for a scandal and so they jumped the gun instead of looking at the foreign policy issues surrounding Benghazi, though he did say there was plenty of government “ass-covering” going on.

Klein added that the “poisonous” politics of the GOP went so far as to accuse Obama of an “impeachable offense.” Maher wanted to know what difference it made how the horrible tragedy occurred, saying “I don’t understand what we’re looking for!”

Salam pointed out, “There wasn’t a real acknowledgement of fault.”

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