Bill Maher: If Russia is Going to Keep Attacking America, Then We ‘Should Fight Back’

On Friday night, Bill Maher urged the country to be a bit more aggressive towards Russia.

“If Russia is going to keep attacking America, then America really should fight back,” Maher began.

The Real Time host said while Ronald Reagan defeated the Soviet Union, “we stopped fighting the Cold War, but the Russians never did.”

He elaborated on Russia’s viral efforts during the 2016 election to “not take sides” but to “get us fighting about it” and to “create chaos.”

Hillary Clinton spent over a billion dollars on the campaign and the Russians beat her with 150 grand because they were able to turn Facebook into ‘Fakebook,'” Maher elaborated. “Or a more apt name might be ‘Sh*t Starter,’ because that’s what they were doing. That’s what their meddling was meant to do: start sh*t. And boy was that easy to do, since Facebook is the place where thinking went to die.”

Maher then mocked the idea of “sharing” on Facebook, which he said Vladimir Putin loves “because we spread his propaganda for him,” something that was meant to “start cockfights.”

“Except we’re the cocks. We’re the brainless birds pecking at each other,” he continued. “That’s what Putin knew. That with social media, it would be easy to get America to start cockfighting. He just made sure the tiniest cock won.”

Watch the clip above, via HBO.

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