Bill Maher: In Modern Republican Party ‘Denying Racism Is The New Racism’

In the final New Rule of his show, Bill Maher focused on Rick Perry‘s “N*ggerhead” controversy and current Republican attitudes towards race. Maher minced no words in declaring unequivocally that the Republican attitude towards racism is not nearly as reactionary to how they respond to “reverse racism.” Maher said that anyone who has to begin “more than half the things you say with ‘I’m not a racist, but…'” then you probably have some explaining to do.

Maher parsed the multiple explanations given for the rock’s presence, and even factoring in the argument it had been painted over, made the following observation:

“Overtly racist bullshit thinly painted over. Honestly, could anyone have written a better metaphor for the modern Republican party?”

Maher argued that the current GOP position on racism is to just pretend there isn’t anymore, but to immediately take up arms whenever they hear “reverse racism.” He pointed out the societal disparities (i.e. unemployment, wealth) between white and black people in America, and wondered why Republicans didn’t have a solution for these problems.

Then, of course, there was Herman Cain. As you probably remember, he was criticized by many conservatives for his negative reaction to the Perry hunting story. To Maher, this was unsurprising, suggesting that when Republicans reach out to black voters, their policy is: “You’re welcome in the party as long as you never ever ever mention race.”

Watch the video below, courtesy of HBO:

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