Bill Maher Lays Out Nightmare Trump 2024 Scenario in Excruciating Detail: ‘I Hope I Scared the Shit Out of You!’


Comic and TV host Bill Maher delivered a detailed scenario in which former President Donald Trump retakes power in 2024 after losing the election again, and told his audience “I hope I scared the shit out of you!”

On Friday night’s edition of HBO’s Real Time with Bill Maher, the host devoted his New Rules segment to the prospect of a 2024 repeat of Trump’s attempted subversion of the electorate — but a successful one this time.

“Don’t make me be, and I told you so again. You know, I was a young man of fifty-nine when I started using the term slow-moving coup, and it pains me to have to report it still moving,” Maher said, and dove into the revelations in the recently-released Eastman memo “which was basically a blueprint prepared for Trump and how he could steal the election after he lost it in November 2020.”

He then took the audience step-by-step through a scenario in which Republicans succeed in sending alternate slates of electors to defy the will of voters, forcing Vice President Kamala Harris to decide whether to certify such results, and throwing the country into chaos on the next Inauguration Day.

“The Ding Dongs, who sacked the Capitol last year? That was like when Al Qaeda tried to take down the World Trade Center the first time with a van. It was a joke. But the next time they came back with planes,” Maher said, adding “I hope I scared the shit out of you!”

Watch above via HBO.

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