Bill Maher: ‘Liberals Need to Stop Trying to Win Over Trump Voters With Facts’

During tonight’s New Rule segment on Real Time, host Bill Maher took aim at liberals once again. But in this instance, rather than chastising them for hindering free speech on college campuses or getting too worked up over “b*llshit issues,” he wanted to tell them to stop trying to convince Trump voters to abandon the president by using facts.

Why? Because those who voted for Donald Trump don’t care about any of them.

“Liberals need to stop trying to win over Trump voters with facts,” he stated. “You’re wasting your breath and you’re going to need it because the air’s not getting any better.”

After noting that they aren’t changing their minds because it is all about emotion, Maher pointed out that Trump’s appearance and behavior are other things they don’t care about.

“The jury is in,” Maher said. “He looks and acts like a man who’s been painting his face with orange lead for forty years. His people know — they don’t care.”

He added, “He could have Anne Frank‘s skeleton in his closet. They’d all vote for him again.”

Maher went on to pull out an impersonation of what he felt was a typical Trump voter, complete with an over-the-top Southern accent, to describe social issues and changes that have created anxiety over the years for older white voters.

Watch the clip above, via HBO.

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