Bill Maher: Maybe the GOP Should Just Stop Courting Racists Like Bundy!

Bill Maher has very little sympathy for all the Cliven Bundy fans jumping ship from the Nevada rancher’s pedestal after finding out he has some thoughts on “the Negro.” Maher didn’t think it was “that hard to predict… that he was going to be a huge racist.” John Avlon said there’s been a pattern of these kinds of situations popping up (under a black president, he noted), and at some point, Avlon continued, Republicans have to ask themselves, “How come we keep finding common cause with racists?”

Charles Murray just lamented how liberals now have a “free pass” when regulatory agencies overreach and people complain about it, “you’re gonna say, ‘Ah, he must be a Bundy fan.”

Maher dismissed that, but pointed out something he found interesting. Fox News had very famously sounded the alarms about New Black Panthers outside polling places, yet had no problem with armed white militiamen defending Bundy, very heavily implying Fox considers only the armed black guys scary.

Maher also found it silly that every time Republicans confront issues like this, the complaint is always the same: “‘What am I supposed to do? Tell racists not to vote for me?’ YES!”

Watch the video below, via HBO:

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