Bill Maher on Biden Controversy: ‘It’s Not That F-cking Serious’

HBO host Bill Maher insisted on Friday night that the Joe Biden controversy is “not that fucking serious.”

Maher started off his show talking about the how Biden matter is being blown out of proportion.

Then returning to the topic during the panel discussion, Maher said that he wished the media would stop conflating #MeToo terms with their talk of Biden’s actions.

“I wish the media would stop using the terms of the #MeToo movement. These are not allegations. They actually happened. It’s on tape,” he said.

Maher then claimed that what happened was not “serious” enough to be allegations.

“[The women] are not victims stepping forward, all this bullshit,” Maher continued on. “He kissed the back of somebody’s head.”

Hammering his point home, the HBO host finally read a quote from CNN’s Christopher Cillizza claiming Biden’s controversy is not ” a joking matter.”

“Yes, it is,” Maher then countered. “It is exactly what is perfect for a joking matter. It’s not that fucking serious.”

Watch above, via HBO

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