Bill Maher On Michelle Obama Food Backlash: ‘When Did The Right Wing Become Joe Pesci?’

First Ladies are rarely the center of much controversy when they take on nonpolitical wellness issues– Michelle Obama standing in stark contrast based on the conservative response to her attempts to make children eat healthier. In last night’s “New Rules” segment, Bill Maher barred anyone opposed to the First Lady’s plan from civilized discourse and wondered, amazed, at the entire concept of opposing healthy eating as a constitutional matter.

Maher began with his conclusion, and then explained where he was coming from: “this is about the teabaggers’ fundamental misunderstanding between freedom and the freedom to be told anything, like not to eat food served out of the bucket,” he quipped. Looking through history at the role of First Ladies, he noted that they always promoted some “mundane” cause– in Obama’s case, “eat a little broccoli along with their lard”– and that opposing a cause like that for a political reason seemed silly. “When did the right win become Joe Pesci over everything?” he joked, donning his best Pesci impression and using as an example the words of Sarah Palin and Sean Hannity (who he said eats boogers, and people actually laughed at that joke), and particularly targeting Rush Limbaugh. “Limbaugh makes a crack at this every week, because who better to get your health advice from than a drug-addicted fat man?” he concluded.

The segment from last night’s Real Time via HBO below:

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