Bill Maher Demands Candidates Sign “The American Eagle Liberty Bell Ronald Reagan You’re A Homo If You Don’t Sign It Pledge”

Bill Maher and his Real Time panel last week touched on the prominent pledges many prospective Republican presidential candidates were signing, such as Grover Norquist’s Taxpayer Protection Pledge and Bob Vander Plaats‘ marriage vow. (They weren’t fans.) This week, Maher raised the issue again, going a bit more in-depth in his rant this time…and designing a pledge of his own.

Suffice to say, Maher’s position on pledges hasn’t softened (“anyone who’s willing to sign your pledge while running for office is too much of a pussy to deserve your vote”). And while the segment wasn’t without missteps (Maher referred to Norquist as “the most powerful man in America who still can’t get laid” – Maher, after this past week, should know of all people the futility of mocking someone’s sex life), we were amused by the name of the pledge Maher wanted candidates to sign: “The American Eagle Liberty Bell Ronald Reagan You’re A Homo If You Don’t Sign It Pledge.”

The pledge’s provisions ranged from oh-so-Maher (“no flag pins”) to the downright bleak (admit America’s best days are behind it, and ensure the nation falls “as gracefully as possible, and really stick[s] the landing”). And occasionally-amusing though the segment you’ll watch below was, considering the controversy swirling around Maher all week, we’re not sure it was what most of his viewers were most interested in hearing. Here’s the segment, via HBO.

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