Bill Maher: Republicans Divide Americans Into ‘The Heartland And… The Rest Of The Country’

Maher: The GOP Divides Americans Into 'The Heartland And... The Rest Of The Country'

One of the common talking points among the Republican party is that the Democrats like to engage in “class warfare” and pitting Americans against other Americans. Which is something the Republicans would totally never do, except, you know, when it comes to those places like San Francisco or Chicago. Bill Maher noted this discrepancy in his final New Rule of the night, where he tore into Republicans for pitting the heartland against the coastal elites.

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Maher called out Republicans for criticizing Democrats over pitting the 1 percent against the 99 percent, but went down a list of cities and states that Republicans have openly expressed an extreme distaste for. It’s quite a list. And just the mere mention of Massachusetts is enough to get a CPAC crowd wildly booing.

Then Maher offered the following hypothetical to illustrate just how much conservatives really don’t care for places like New York City.

“If Sarah Palin were president and terrorists struck New York again, she would say two things. First, is Mount Rushmore okay? And two, well, at least they didn’t hit the real America.”

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Conversely, this line of thinking is not common among Democrats. Sure, you have a few liberal pundits here and there who always get in a few swipes at states like Texas (might Bill Maher belong in that list?), but you really don’t see Democratic politicians piling on parts of the country they don’t like in the same way Republicans do. And as for Newt Gingrich saying the New York subway system is a den of elitism, that claim could not be farther from the truth, unless somehow “elitism” has become synonymous with “everything is covered in piss.”

Watch the clip below, courtesy of HBO:

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