Bill Maher Rips Obama’s Performance Via Twitter: ‘Looks Like He Does Need A Teleprompter’

Bill Maher Rips Obama's Performance: 'Looks Like He Does Need A Teleprompter'

Outspoken liberal comedian and HBO host Bill Maher took to Twitter tonight presumably to root for Barack Obama during the first presidential debate, but ended up expressing a great deal of disappointment in the president’s performance.

A few minutes into the debate, Maher echoed a sentiment of many other liberal pundits, tweeting that the president seemed off his game:

He continued on:

Eventually Maher offered advice for Obama in order to look less disinterested:

And then he reluctantly agreed with a conservative trope about Obama’s speaking skills:

Towards the end of his debate live-tweeting, Maher zinged Obama:

And then concluded by declaring that Romney won, Obama lost, and moderator Jim Lehrer “sucked”:

[h/t Michelle Fields]
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