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Bill Maher Rips Trump on Coronavirus: ‘Frightening’ How Many Republicans Think ‘This Moron’ Is Doing a Good Job

Like the rest of late night, Bill Maher went without a live studio audience Friday night, and he opened the discussion with his panel ripping into President Donald Trump’s over his public response to the spread of the coronavirus.

Maher started off by asking that given the serious state of the economy right now, “How can we avoid a depression and how can the Democrats possibly lose this election?”

Financial Times editor Edward Luce said the answer to the first is stimulus, saying, “We’re going to have two quarters of deep contraction at minimum, and the way to assuage that is just mail money to people, but particularly the people who don’t have jobs.”

Lis Smith, former senior advisor to Pete Buttigieg, said that in spite of the concerns about Joe Biden firing up people, in the face of all this, “people want boring, they want safe.”

Maher praised Biden’s response as basically being a “shadow president,” saying that Dr. Anthony Fauci is filling a similar role.

“If the Democrats can’t win on this message…” Maher started, suggesting that Democrats should be making the case to Trump voters “you’ve been had.”

The Bulwark contributor Tim Miller argued that unlike other big Trump-era moments, this is something that directly impacts the lives of many people who support him in a seriously negative way.

Maher was also mystified at hoe so many Republicans approve of the job Trump is doing “where this moron has done what he’s done!” He added it’s “frightening” to see these numbers.

You can watch above, via HBO.

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