Bill Maher Says Republicans Are ‘For Once’ Doing This Better than Democrats

HBO Real Time host Bill Maher is recommending Democrats learn something from Republicans when it comes to the Middle East. Namely, how to take a position.

“[P]rops have to be handed out to the Republicans for actually having a healthy debate with two clear, unequivocal sides,” Maher wrote on his blog Wednesday. “Democrats don’t do that anymore.”

Maher framed his view using recent comments by both Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) and former Republican vice president Dick Cheney.

Paul has gained a reputation for opposing the use of military force in foreign affairs that don’t directly involve the U.S. Cheney takes a more aggressive stance, advocating for the U.S. to maintain a strong presence in the Middle East.

“Even though [President Barack] Obama clearly sides more with Paul, he’s shy about articulating it as clearly,” Maher wrote. “Democrats instead try to play the game the way Republicans used to – arguing for peace and freedom but also pleasing the douchebag demographic by bragging about our strength and rattling our sabers and striking from the air. But while Democrats are out there proving that they’re not pussies, Republicans, for once, are the ones having a real dialogue.”

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