Bill Maher Skewers GOP as ‘Deadbeat Dad’ Party: Blowing Money on ‘Stupid Sh*t, Like a Wall We Don’t Need’


In his “New Rule” segment, HBO’s Bill Maher mocked Republicans in the era of President Donald Trump as having transformed from the former “daddy” party that supposedly championed national security and fiscal responsibility to a “deadbeat dad” party that balloons the deficit while befriending dictators and alienating allies.

Maher likened the modern GOP to an absentee father “going through a midlife crisis, making bad decisions with all this pretend confidence.”

“It’s like the entire party is wearing a toupee,” he joked. “Under Trump, they’ve become the ‘deadbeat dad’ party, the dad who spends money we don’t have and who blows the family budget on stupid shit,” and then after a beat, he added, to applause: “like a wall we don’t need.”

Republicans today, he continued, are like a dad that “hangs out with the wrong crowd, alienates the neighbors. Canada and Mexico? We used to get along great with them, and now they bring the kids inside when they see us coming.”

“This isn’t a personal attack on Trump as an actual father,” Maher noted. “He clearly has a supportive, loving relationship with one-fifth of his children.” As the punch line landed, the screen showed an image of Trump in a close embrace with daughter Ivanka and his hand placed precariously low on her back.

“As for those of us just trying to survive in this American family,” Maher concluded, “we have to come to terms with the reality that the ‘daddy’ party is the ‘asshole dad’ party now, and the patriarch of it all is a hot mess.”

Watch the video above, via HBO.

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