Bill Maher Tells Dems How to Master ‘Art of Talking to Whitey’

Bill Maher ended his show last night with some advice to Democrats about how to “speak to the one group of people that actually votes in the midterms: caucasians.” He said Republicans may be able to talk to that group fine, but Democrats may have “lost the art of talking to whitey.”

Maher proceeded to give Democrats all sorts of advice about how to appeal to white people, like emphasizing hard work, giving a “Bill Cosby speech” to the black community,” and even using code words to make white people think about race.

He also said they should talk about how much they love small businesses (“You love them! You wish you could fuck small businesses!”) and about being the world’s policeman. Because to white dads, Maher explains, “any foreign strategy except ‘Nobody move or the girl gets it!’ is appeasement.”

Watch the video below, via HBO:

[image via screengrab]

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