Bill Maher Thinks The Government Would Work Better If It Was Run By Apple

Bill Maher‘s public disillusion with President Barack Obama continued on last night’s Real Time, where Maher expressed confusion at the fact that the President was now denouncing technology, a reference to a commencement speech last week asking graduates to give up the “iPads” and “XBoxes.” “What’s with the fuddy-duddy act?” asked Maher, concluding that his newfound confusion was an appeal to the fact that “America conflates out of touch with adorable.”

“If we wanted a president that didn’t understand gizmos and doohickeys,” Maher reminded the President, America would have elected McCain and Palin. “McCain thinks an iPad is something women wear on their Xboxes once a month.”

Maher also lamented the lack of advancement in technology in the past half-century, pointing to the lack of successful action to stop Gulf oil spill, the recent mining accidents, arguing that, in 2010, “we should be having mining disasters on the moon.” To bring in further advancement of technology, Maher argued for a roundabout free market solution: bringing in Steve Jobs to “fix America… Goodbye US Senate, hello Genius Bar!” Of course, there’s a high chance Apple won’t find our country’s name very marketable…

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