Bill Maher to Megyn Kelly: I Was Angry for You When NBC ‘Sh*tcanned’ You


Megyn Kelly appeared on Bill Maher’s show for the first time tonight and, among a number of issues they discussed, both of them went off on the “woke” left for cancel culture — with Maher bringing up how Kelly was “shitcanned” by NBC.

Maher first spoke with Kelly about the election and the sexual harassment she faced at Fox News.

Kelly went off a bit on media bias and clashed a bit with Maher, who argued the media’s biased more towards “money and conflict” while Kelly said it’s clearly a liberal bias.

She said CNN in particular “became the thing Trump said they were… Now they’re indistinguishable from MSNBC.”

One thing they did find common ground on was political correctness and how, as Maher put it, “we were both shitcanned by major broadcast networks,” referencing how Maher was dumped by ABC following his comments about 9/11 and Kelly was dumped by NBC following her comments about blackface.

“I was shitcanned by ABC, you were shitcanned by NBC,” Maher said. “When that happened to you, I was angry for you, honestly.”

He told Kelly that “when individual instances come up, everybody is so afraid to stand up” and asked, “Who are these perfect people who have never made any mistakes?” Maher called it bullying from people who just want to “find the worst version of what a person is.”

You can watch above, via HBO.

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