Bill Maher to Rep. Darrell Issa: Are You Going To Impeach Obama?

With the House of Representatives now in Republican hands, many are wondering whether the dynamics between Congress and the President will change significantly, and to what extent there will be conflict. While most are concerned that very few helpful bills will be passed, Bill Maher expressed concern of a different type, taking advantage of having access to a Republican legislator to ask whether the GOP is looking to impeach President Obama.

The thought crossed his mind, Maher explained to guest Rep. Darrell Issa, when he saw Sarah Palin sign an American flag, a desecration by most standard. “I thought, ‘if Obama did that, they’d impeach him.” The impeachment talking point has been making the rounds on the left, especially in light of the shift in the House. Rep. Issa seemed to disagree with the perspective Maher brought in of the Republicans as extremists in their opposition to President Obama. “Government accountability is our job,” he told Maher, “not government overthrow.” Rep. Issa got a couple of chuckles from the audience when Maher explained that he had said he wanted the President to be successful, but his ultimate point, that “his administration has to be more successful” or “they’ll throw us all out,” and if that happens, “Bill is going to run the country.”

The segment from last night’s Real Time via HBO below:

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