Bill Maher to Tulsi Gabbard: Other Dem Candidates Played to the ‘Twitterati,’ You Didn’t


Bill Maher‘s first guest Friday night was one of the 20 Democrats on the debate stage this week, Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard, and the host had some words of praise for her, contrasted with how he thought the other candidates did.

Maher last night listed 10 candidates who should “get the fuck out” of the race right away, but he told Gabbard she did well and didn’t make that list.

He told her, “If I was just a passing viewer who was just checking over the field, shopping, my first look at a lot of these people, I would have thought, ‘Well, the Democrats really really really really really really care about illegal immigrants. They also care somewhat about health care and energy and the environment, mostly about how they affect illegal immigrants.”

Gabbard said she agrees with Maher about how the media is motivated by profit and ratings instead of what Americans really care about, saying this should be able who’s the best candidate to beat Trump.

“The people on the stage,” Maher said, “they seemed to be play to the Twitterati, that 2 percent. One thing I like about you is, having been to war, I feel like your attitude about the Twitter people is like, ‘I’ve been to war, so I could give a shit what you people say about me.'”

“That’s pretty much it,” Gabbard said with a laugh.

She continued, “This is really about leadership, or the lack thereof. And we have too many politicians who put their finger up to the Twitter wind and see which way it’s blowing, and then respond or change their position.”

You can watch above, via HBO.

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