comScore Bill Maher: Trump is ‘Restocking the Swamp’ and ‘Remaking It into His Own Deep State’

Bill Maher: Trump is ‘Restocking the Swamp’ and ‘Remaking It into His Own Deep State’

During a panel discussion on Friday night on Real Time with Bill Maher, Bill Maher called out President Donald Trump‘s propensity for dictatorial behavior and suggested the president was “restocking the swamp.”

Maher started off by reading a list of “things you do when you’re a dictator and noted that the first time he read it Trump was doing seven of the things on the list. The second time, Trump was doing eight.

Now, Maher stressed, “we’re up to nine” before quipping number ten — dressing in military costume — was not out of the question.

“Let’s see,” Maher said, drawing quiet laughter from the audience.

Maher then turned the talk to a term he noted he had not heard before the Trump presidency: “Deep State.”

The Deep State is not “infinite,” the comedian said, noting that what Trump really seems to be really doing is rooting out people he doesn’t want and replacing them with people he does.

“I feel like he’s restocking the swamp, I feel like he’s remaking it into his own Deep State.”

Panelist Sally Kohn then stressed that every day people are going to have to speak out.

“They are not going to stop it until we the people say our country is on fire, do something about it.”

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