comScore Bill Maher: Trump ‘Loves to Pick Fights With Black People’

Bill Maher: Trump ‘Loves to Pick Fights With Black People’

Bill Maher closed his show last night by looking at President Trump‘s feuds with notable black public figures:

“If Donald Trump keeps insisting that he is the least racist person that anyone has ever met, he has to explain why the single most consistent thing in his whole life is he loves to pick fights with black people. Of all his myriad insanities, if I had to pick one line for his tombstone, it would be ‘Here lies Donald Trump: Picked fights with black people.'”

He ran down a list from Colin Kaepernick and Frederica Wilson to the Central Park Five and “the entire continent of Africa.”

Maher looked through all these different feuds, especially Trump’s tweets about “Obama being a Kenyan who cheated his way into college.”

And he concluded the segment with a suggestion for the President inspired by… Rosie O’Donnell.

Watch above, via HBO.

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