Bill Maher: We Need To ‘Get Over’ The Idea Of American Exceptionalism

In the Overtime segment of his show last night, Bill Maher argued that America would be wise to drop the whole notion of “American exceptionalism.” In the past, Maher has criticized politicians like Mitt Romney (who wrote a book literally called No Apologies) for their constant praise of the United States without any acknowledgement of its perceived faults, and he returned to this argument again yesterday.

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Maher said he thinks in a hundred years or so, the United States will be a Mormon nation because many people will certainly be turned on to an America-centric religion that pretty much makes the country out to be one big shining city on a hill. Also, as Maher succinctly put it, “it’s a stupid religion and a stupid country, they were made for each other.” E.J. Dionne tried to defend Mormonism from Maher, but Maher dismissed the religion as the work of a “con man” in contrast to the sincerity of Jesus.

Dionne put forth the notion that we celebrate American exceptionalism because of the country’s unique relationship with democracy and how our government was developed.

Watch the video below, courtesy of HBO:

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