Bill Maher: Why Is GOP ‘Obsessed’ with Obama Loving America ‘The Wrong Way’?

Bill Maher ended his show tonight revisiting last month’s controversy over whether President Obama loves America. And Maher just had one question: why are Republicans “obsessed” about Obama either not loving the country or loving it “the wrong way”?

Maher said the GOP views America like children, because unconditional love is “not how grown-ups think.”

He compared Republicans to “parents who think their kids can do no wrong” and when the school tells them their child did something bad, they yell at the school.

Maher argued that it’s okay to criticize America, because “many of the good things America has done are actually reversals of bad things America did.” He went through a list of social and cultural advancements over the last century and pointed out, “All of that wouldn’t have been necessary if we hadn’t been dicks in the first place.”

Watch the video below, via HBO:

[image via screengrab]

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