Bill Maher’s Take On Boston Bombings: Bad Things Happen For Bad Reasons, But ‘Winner And Still Champ Is Religion’

Maher's Take On Boston Bombings: Bad Things Happen For Bad Reasons, But 'Winner And Still Champ Is Religion'

Real Time with Bill Maher started tonight in the immediate aftermath of the second Boston Marathon bombing suspect being arrested, and so Maher did not fully address the most recent details on his live show tonight, but he did discuss the aftermath of the bombings this past Monday. He told the panel that the public and police reaction to this week’s events seem “so different” to how the nation reacted immediately following 9/11, remarking that “it seemed like America had grown up a bit.”

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Maher remarked that Boston police officials seemed more measured and concerned with letting people get on with their daily lives than basically going into police state mode, which he saw as immense progress from any public sentiment that came in the immediate aftermath of 9/11. Nicholas Kristof disputed the idea of a comparison, saying the scope of both situations is so different, while conservative pundit Amy Holmes observed a evolving “maturity” in the past decade.

Maher remarked that it’s amazing how people think they can get away with anything when there is such a wide array of surveillance, and remarked that the reason the Boston bombers did not kill themselves is probably because they “don’t have the balls” of terrorist groups like al-Qaeda. Maher asked if the U.S. needs to be more like Israel in its response to terrorism, by just dealing with it effectively and then moving on as if nothing happened.

Maher also threw out this observation.

“Isn’t the takeaway here that there are many bad things that can happen in the world, for many bad reasons, but the winner and still champ is religion?”

Holmes pointed to Newtown as not being religiously-motivated, pointing to a warped psychology as a more important motivator of people who seek to terrorize and kill others. She found it odd that one of the bombers, after living in America for ten years, didn’t have a single American friend.

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