Bill Maher Snarks About O’Reilly’s Scandal: ‘Fox News Hired A Black Woman!?’


HBO’s Bill Maher cracked up at the firing of Bill O’Reilly from Fox News during his monologue on Friday’s Real Time.

“I know what you really want me to talk about: Bill O’Reilly. You’ve been following this story for a while. It has not been going well for Bill,” Maher recounted.

He snarked that “apparently, this week was the last straw. A black woman, who worked at Fox News, came forward and said he used to call her ‘hot chocolate’ — which I find shocking. Fox News hired a black woman!? That’s shocking — shocking!”

The HBO host continued by taking aim at Trump’s press secretary: “There was universal condemnation. Sean Spicer today said, come on! Even Hitler didn’t call black women ‘hot chocolate.'”

Maher then kept up the snark by making light of O’Reilly’s audience demographic: “Bill O’Reilly is gone. My question: how is the Craftmatic adjustable bed company supposed to reach its customers now?”

The atheist comedian saved his final barrage for Sean Hannity.

“And now, the big man at Fox News is Sean Hannity. And amid all the troubles over there, I want you to know Hannity remains completely free of any sex scandal — unless you count the nightly, on-air blowjob he gives to President Trump.”

Two weeks earlier, Maher had devoted a NSFW monologue to the O’Reilly sex scandals where he cracked that the common factor between the lawsuits was the fact that none of the women wanted to have sex with the former Fox News host.

Watch the monologue above, starting at the 4:55 mark.

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