Bill Murray Gives Interview On Letterman While Bleeding From The Head

Bill Murray got a little zany last night on Letterman. The actor dove into a dumpster swimming pool to promote his new movie Get Low, which, honestly, doesn’t look like the type of movie that the key demographic would be impressed by actors diving into dumpster swimming pools. Still though, Murray did it and he apparently hurt himself to as he then proceeded to give a lengthy interview while bleeding from the head.

Murray doesn’t do television interviews that often but he typically goes all out when he does. This time, he joined in David Letterman‘s mockery of the “dumpster pools” that Mayor Bloomberg plans to bring from Brooklyn to Manhattan by literally diving into one. He then walked straight into the studio to give his interview but you can pardon most audience members for being a bit too distracted by the streak of blood across his forehead the entire time to pay attention to all of it. However, we can only imagine that Murray cares deeply about the independent film. He’s willing to bleed for his art, something we don’t expect he’d do for Garfield 2: A Tail of Two Kitties.

Check out the video of the dive and Murray’s entrance into the studio (head wound included) below.

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