Bill Nye, Maher Tear Into Creationism: We Can’t Have ‘Scientifically Illiterate’ Kids

Bill Nye joined Bill Maher on Friday night to recap his big evolution vs. creationism debate with Ken Ham. To Maher’s surprise, Nye said he has great respect for Ham’s “passion,” even if he disagrees with practically everything he believes in. Maher joked that he could respect maybe Ham’s bladder, but no way in hell could he respect the man’s mind.

Nye, however, did say that Ham uses “science in a new way” in that he exploits “scientific uncertainty” about the creation of the universe to give himself and others wiggle room to expose doubt and poke holes in evolutionary theory. Maher said that the idea of doubt and not knowing all the big answers terrifies religious people, and that’s why they stick to their faith.

But what bothered Nye most wasn’t the fact that Ham and other adults believe in creationism, it’s about the children. He said if the future generation of Americans is “scientifically illiterate,” no one’s going to invent the next iPhone or come up with the next technological innovation. And that’s a problem for a society that relies on innovation to function.

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