Bill Nye Returns to Defend Larry Wilmore From Criticism: ‘Let That Sh*t Go!’

The Nightly Show rolled out the definitive source of all things true and factual — Science Guy from your childhood, Bill Nye — to refute claims that host Larry Wilmore acted disrespectfully in an interview with Nye several months ago.

A popular Reddit thread as well as several other sites slammed Wilmore and his panelists for interrupting Bill Nye during a discussion on Mars back in September. To clear the atmospheric air, who better than the man himself to rush to Wilmore’s defense last night, as Nye appeared to give some key advice to his pal:

“You just gotta let that shit go!”

“I am quoting Copernicus,” the Science Guy joked. “Larry, it’s a comedy show. You’re thinking about this too much. Let me put this in scientific terms: haters gonna hate.”

The Reddit thread referred to the September 30th appearance as “the most maddening Nightly Show segment yet,” noting that the panelists full-on disrespected Nye during his interview. Over 4,000 comments have been added to the thread since it was published onto the site.

Regardless, it seems to be water from Mars under the bridge as evidenced from the brief cameo from Wednesday night’s episode. Take a look at the above clip from Comedy Central.

[image via screengrab]

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