Bill O’Reilly And Gay Activist Clash On 8-Year-Old’s Confrontation With Bachmann

On Wednesday, Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly tackled the controversy and discussion surrounding GOP presidential hopeful Michele Bachmann‘s recent talk with the eight-year-old son of lesbian parents.

O’Reilly echoed the assessment of others (including our own Jon Bershad) who felt the little boy’s mother was essentially using her son to make a political point. He invited gay activist Sally Kohn onto the program to discuss it further.

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Kohn, herself the mother of a three-year-old, disagreed with O’Reilly’s take that, given the child’s young age and childen’s assumed lack of familiarity with gay issues, he must’ve been coached by his mother on what to tell Bachmann. “Kids aren’t raised in a vacuum,” she said. “They see the political discourse going on them. This kid probably sees his family, his mother being attacked by politicians like Michele Bachmann. And no doubt he has a very clear opinion that his mom is a great mom and shouldn’t be a political football.”

“Well, I think you’re living in the land of Oz,” said O’Reilly. He pointed out that he’s also the parent of an eight-year-old boy, and he’s pretty confident that they’re not going around thinking about gay rights. He also felt that the little boy’s words — specifically that his mommy doesn’t need “fixing” — sound inauthentic for a boy his age. He felt that the boy’s mother should have spoken for herself, and that having her child “do the talking for her” actually does a disservice to her cause.

“You think this kid, Elijah, knows who Michele Bachmann is? Are you kidding me?”

“I think you’re not giving this eight-year-old a lot of credit,” said Kohn.

“This is cowardly!” replied O’Reilly, noting that everyone would “likely have applauded” the child’s mother had she made the point herself that she was a good and responsible parent to her son who wanted a little more open-mindedness on Bachmann’s part.

Have a look, via Fox News:

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