Bill O’Reilly: Obama Believes That He Saved This Country From Armageddon

President Barack Obama’s appearance on The Daily Show last night was destined to be a TV talking point in the days that followed, and tonight Bill O’Reilly got right down to analyzing the program shortly after his show started, enlisting the help of Laura Ingraham to break it down.

Ingraham actually agreed with Obama on one point: that the health care legislation passed was not “timid,” while O’Reilly was at least willing to grant the president that he believes what he’s saying about the legislation he’s passed (though lines from O’Reilly like how Obama believed his policies “saved the country from Armageddon” were a bit much).

The two sparred a bit over how liberal they think Jon Stewart is (really), and Ingraham didn’t think the appearance held much potential benefit for Obama, saying he becomes “diminished” if he makes too many appearances, and going as far as calling his Daily Show sit-down an “utter flop.”

And of course, they talked about Obama’s “heck of a job” comment re: Larry Summers. Ingraham doubted Stewart would have let a Republican off the hook so easily for saying that line, and she might well be right about that. O’Reilly, on the other hand, just chafed at Obama saying “pun intended”…since it wasn’t a pun. Video of the critical but ultimately reserved segment below.

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