Bill O’Reilly: Bachmann’s Performance Was ‘Vice Presidential Ground-Laying’

Bill O’Reilly had plenty to say about what went wrong with last night’s CNN debate, from what he considered bad moderating to the candidates’ own failures. But while it appears consensus has formed around Rep. Michele Bachmann being the most impressive participant, O’Reilly told guest George Stephanopoulos tonight that he considered her performance merely “vice presidential groundlaying.”

O’Reilly noted in his Talking Points Memo that it was mostly Mitt Romney‘s primary to lose, but later told Stephanopoulos that he considered it may have been the worst of all for Sarah Palin. “Let’s say Sarah Palin is watching this too, and Sarah Palin now has to deal with Michele Bachmann,” who, he noted, outperforms Palin in many polls. “That might inhibit Sarah Palin,” he noted. Stephanopoulos agreed, noting that it was a “bad night for Sarah Palin” and that Rep. Bachmann may have done the most to lift her profile. O’Reilly disagreed, however, and noted that Rep. Bachmann “did a lot of vice presidential ground-laying there.”

While the comment may have been granted positively, certainly those who staunchly back Rep. Bachmann for president will take this as a backhanded compliment, if at all. If Rep. Bachmann’s best so far is only good enough for second place to O’Reilly, it’s difficult to see a situation in which O’Reilly would consider her fully presidential.

The segment via Fox News below:

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