O’Reilly Bashes MoveOn Ad For ‘Threatening Violence’ If Obama Loses Election

Bill O’Reilly warned of “threats from the far left” in anticipation of a possible loss in the presidential election next week by President Obama. O’Reilly played an ad from liberal group with one old woman saying that if voter suppression tactics help Mitt Romney beat Obama in the election, “we will burn this motherf*cker down.” O’Reilly found it astonishing that “the far left is threatening violence” if Obama loses the election, and especially offensive that the group would use old ladies to make their point.

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O’Reilly argued that the Democratic party is too closely associated to groups like, that the liberal “lunatic fringe” has too much of a say in what the party does. He said Obama has never repudiated any of the rhetoric pushed by groups like MoveOn, and that makes him “culpable.” In contrast, O’Reilly said the “far right” does not nearly have the kind of stranglehold on the GOP that the far left does on the Democratic party.

Watch the video below, courtesy of Fox News:

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