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Bill O’Reilly Bets John Stossel That Ron Paul Cannot Win One Presidential Primary

Bill O’Reilly and John Stossel discussed the recent feud between potential Republican candidates for President: Congressman Ron Paul and Donald Trump. In addition to debating which of the two candidates had less of a chance of being successful, O’Reilly and Stossel also discussed whether libertarian ideas in general are too radical for voters.

O’Reilly, agreeing with Trump’s prior assessment, adamantly declared that Paul is unable to be elected President because his libertarian views, like abolishing most of the federal government and not intervening anywhere overseas, would be unacceptable to most of America. Stossel disagreed and thought now might be the time when Paul’s message actually might connect with many more voters.

After disagreeing whether South Korea was capable of protecting itself without help from America, O’Reilly suggested raising the stakes to make things interesting. Stossel accepted O’Reilly’s $1,000 wager for charity that Paul will not win one primary if he runs for President, and Stossel even attempts to raise the bet by predicting Paul would get more votes than Trump. However, O’Reilly restrains himself, not eager to be seen “rooting” for one candidate over another.

Watch the clip from Fox News below:

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