Bill O’Reilly Calls ‘Bull’ On Geraldo Rivera’s Claim Casey Anthony Was A ‘Good Mother’

Like many in the press, Bill O’Reilly isn’t taking the “not guilty” verdict in the Casey Anthony trial very well. After a scathing “Talking Points Memo” where O’Reilly called Anthony “vile” for not reporting her daughter missing, O’Reilly had it out with Geraldo Rivera, who landed an interview with defense attorney Jose Baez and came out believing Casey Anthony was a “good mother.”

O’Reilly made it clear he did not believe for one minute that Anthony was innocent because of her behavior when the child was innocent, her lies to the police department who were trying to find her daughter, and the evidence that chrloroform was found in the car with Caylee. Despite this, Rivera argued that the reasonable doubt standard had not been met, and that justice was done given the lack of smoking gun. But O’Reilly didn’t explode until Rivera argued, with a straight face, that “the record is conclusive, this is a good mother.”

“Bull!” O’Reilly began to shout, which introduced a lengthy segment of unintelligible crosstalk, followed by O’Reilly shouting “how does a good mother go to a wet body contest when her baby is missing?” Rivera returned to the reasonable doubt standard as his crutch, noting that there was no cause of death or revealing autopsy results. “You don’t want to believe it,” O’Reilly concluded, “and the jury didn’t want to believe it either.”

The heated segment via Fox News below:

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