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Bill O’Reilly Calls Out Rick Perry For ‘Lazy’ Ad: ‘Was That A Fair Ad?’

On Friday’s The O’Reilly Factor, Rick Perry was questioned about his controversial new ad criticizing President Obama for an out-of-context comment he made about Chinese investments and spinning it as Obama calling Americans “lazy.” “So is that a fair ad?” Bill O’Reilly asked the Texas Governor.

“Yeah it’s a fair ad, absolutely,” countered Perry, not realizing he had entered the No Spin Zone.™

“Look, this president has traveled around the country making excuses for America,” Perry continued. “Apologizing for America — saying that America is not an exemplary country and then he gets on TV and talks about that Americans are lazy, that they have lost their ambition. That they have lost their imagination.”

“Was he really talking about the folks?” O’Reilly asked and played the president’s quote in full context.

“So he really wasn’t talking about the folks, he was talking about getting investment to come to the USA,” O’Reilly concluded, demolishing the entire premise of the ad.

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Earlier this week, Politifact’s Meghan Ashford-Grooms and Martha Hamilton looked into the Texas Governor’s claim:

“Obama made his “lazy” comment in response to a question about impediments that China might see to investing in the United States, saying that the United States is a great investment opportunity…Looking at the context, we found that Obama wasn’t characterizing the American public at large. He could have been talking about U.S. corporate practices or even his own administration. So we rated Perry’s claim Mostly False.

In additon, Perry’s assertion in O’Reilly’s interview that Obama had gone on a so-called “apology tour” (which Mitt Romney earlier claimed) was rated by Politifact to be so false it should be considered “pants on fire.”

Watch O’Reilly fact check Rick Perry’s ad below via Fox News:

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