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Bill O’Reilly Credits Factor Viewers For Killing “Corrupt Spending Bill”

Bill O’Reilly proudly declared on last night’s Factor, “you want action? You’ve come to the right place.” O’Reilly was referring to the fact that on his Thursday night show he encouraged viewers to contact their elected officials and express discontent with the pork-filled omnibus spending bill. When combined with his railing against the huge amounts of proposed congressional spending throughout the week, O’Reilly congratulated his viewers for effectively putting enough pressure on their elected officials to drop their support of the bill.

In his Friday night Talking Points Memo, O’Reilly stated:

Just before the Talking Points Memo last night, [Senate majority leader] Harry Reid pulled the corrupt spending bill off the Senate floor. Wow, do we get results or what?

Regardless of who gets credit, O’Reilly concluded that Americans would never support big government handouts and then later be angry over their elimination (the motivation for current protests in European countries), because “American people value self-reliance far more than Europeans do.” Whether the death of the bill truly was a result of the Factor viewers raising concerns or Reid’s calculation that other priorities needed to be addressed is up to Factor viewers and non-viewers alike to decide.

Watch the clip from FOX News below:

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