Bill O’Reilly: Strippers Deserve Compensation For BP Oil Disaster

BP made waves when they made an issue of using the $20 billion escrow fund only for “legitimate” claims from workers in the Gulf coast, making skeptics concerned with what the company will deem legitimate. Well, how’s this for legitimate? Strippers from the Gulf coast region are demanding payments from the company, claiming that the fall in tourism in the region has devastated their industry. Bill O’Reilly investigates.

In the “Culture Warriors” segment of tonight’s O’Reilly Factor, O’Reilly asked regular guests Gretchen Carlson and Margaret Hoover to evaluate the legitimacy of the claims that a drop in tourism would hurt the stripping, er, industry as much as any other. Both Hoover and Carlson seemed receptive to the idea. Hoover defended the strippers because there were, as she put it, people in both the “secondary and tertiary economic ecosystems” who were several steps removed from the direct impact and getting paid. Carlson just didn’t care where the money went at all, as long as it went to any and all economic victims, because “it’s BP money, not the taxpayers’.”

Despite Ken Feinberg, the Obama administration official in charge of administering the money, commenting that he believed the claims were “dubious,” O’Reilly also seemed to agree, as long as none of the “mobsters” that run the strip clubs get any of the money.

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