Bill O’Reilly Declares Left Wing Media Dead: “They’re Bugs To Me”

While hosting fellow Fox star Glenn Beck Friday night in a session of heavy mutual back-patting, Bill O’Reilly made his usual show of offhanded braggadocio, and took yet another opportunity to declare the dreaded “left wing media” irrelevant, if not dead in the water. Beck admitted that his M.O. is targeting progressives, to which O’Reilly responded, “I did that before you came to Fox. I stopped doing it because we became so successful.”

“They’re bugs to me,” O’Reilly continued, targeting Media Matters by name. “The left wing radio outlets — down the drain. Left wing television — off, down the drain, no matter how they try to prop it up.” Even Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert, he said, can’t touch Fox’s viewership.

And as they say: men lie, women lie, numbers don’t. O’Reilly certainly has the ratings to back up what he’s saying, but the only quibble comes with what these media organizations see as their ultimate goal as compared to Fox News. With the exception of recent incarnations of MSNBC, it’s difficult to say that groups like Media Matters, or even CNN, are playing the same game as FNC. But whichever game O’Reilly is playing, even if he invented the rules, he’s mighty good at it.

Check out the full clip below:

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