Bill O’Reilly Defends Obama Administration From Conservative Attacks – Gets Called Kool-Aid Drinker

It had to happen sometime: Bill O’Reilly is drinking the Kool-Aid. This the latest accusation from O’Reilly Factor regular Laura Ingraham, who was shocked that O’Reilly was willing to cut some slack to the Obama administration on their handling of the BP oil disaster, and even give Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano a second chance.

To Ingraham, the problem with how President Barack Obama is handling the oil crisis is, as she explains, the same problem she has with all of his strategies: “Obama is treating this like a political problem… you can’t treat this as another PR issue, where you can campaign out of this.” But O’Reilly countered that the accusation that Obama isn’t doing anything doesn’t seem to hold water, particularly because opinion is so divided along ideological lines. “I will cheer him if he leads,” Ingraham promised, to which O’Reilly responded, “Ok, what do you want him to do?”

Ingraham asked for a review of Obama administration officials– especially Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar, Napolitano, and Attorney General Eric Holder. She was not pleased that O’Reilly was willing to “cut [Napolitano] some slack” because she had too much on her plate, including the highly-controversial immigration issue, accusing him of drinking Kool-Aid and having no reason to be soft on the administration. He wasn’t all affectionate towards the Obama administration, however, agreeing that Salazar was not worth keeping and that he had some questions about Eric Holder. But Napolitano, he insisted, deserved a softer hand from the people for being overwhelmed with many problems, the oil spill not the largest among them.

As for Ingraham’s austere take on the matter, he called her “crazy” and asserted that “you just want to denigrate everyone in the administration. You want to denigrate every single person Obama knows. The driver of his car you want to go after!…You just want blood in the water everywhere.”

The discussion from last night’s Factor below:

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