Bill O’Reilly Denounces Media Research Center’s Call For MSNBC Firings

Freedom of speech was the subject of Bill O’Reilly‘s ‘Talking Points’ segment Thursday evening, where he characterized the issue as “a delicate thing” because it “protects irresponsible people who use words to hurt other people.” In addition, he said, “there is no doubt that the huge partisan divide in our country is leading to slander and defamation” and that some Americans are calling for different tactics — like boycotts — for speech they “don’t like.”

One example of his, he continued, is conservative outlet Media Research Center’s recent call for firings at MSNBC. While “guttersnipes on that network have been abusing freedom of speech” for years, said O’Reilly, the marketplace should decide repercussions for controversial or offensive commentary.

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“The entire boycott movement is garbage,” he added. “The far-left threatening sponsors who advertise on programs they don’t like is flat-out un-American. So I believe that the Media Research Center is making a mistake, sinking to that level.”

He brought on guests Michael Maslansky and Peter Mirijanian to discuss the matter further.

Maslansky felt that boycotts, rather than being un-American, can simply work to accelerate market change. Mirijanian, meanwhile, was met with some disagreement from O’Reilly when he said that Brent Bozell, head the Media Research Center — a group O’Reilly felt was valuable and informative despite his disagreement with its boycott — goes to advertisers and “punishes” them.

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